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Hello, My name is Nina-Sue. I'm a 21 year old graduate living in Auckland, New Zealand. My dream is to move to the Capital and work as a designer ♡

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It’s officially spring at last in New Zealand! I hope summer isn’t too far away. For now I’ll enjoy the beautiful spring flowers.

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Anonymous asked: Hey hun. I know your tumblr is private but if you search Nina-Sue graphic design you can find your tumblr from google...

Woah, okay. I never even noticed that. Maybe I need to change my username yet again. Thanks for telling me though! I don’t really want a potential employer finding my blog.


At the moment I’m supposed to be busy at making yet another portfolio for yet another agency. But I need to minimise Illustratior and InDesign for just a few minutes to give myself a break. I need to take a second to appreciate how lucky I really am. 

First of all, I managed to have a civil conversation with my mum when she came home from work yesterday. Normally when she comes home from work she whines about how nobody respects her at her job. Normally it’s followed by the complimentary war story of a rude customer. Then after that she normally has a nap on the couch while I make dinner. Last night was different. She took the time to talk to me about me moving away from home. This time without the cursing, screaming and slamming of doors. She told me that I have her support. But she felt that if I move to Wellington there will be nobody to look after me. Coming from her, that’s a pretty much a victory.

Next I have to be thankful for a new friend of mine: Michelle. She’s so kind hearted. She told me she had been praying for me in hopes that I will find the job that I want. Out of all the friends I told about moving to Wellington - she has been the most supportive. A small gesture such as prayer really has helped me keep my spirits up. The past couple of days I’ve been feeling really low because of my job hunt. Most places I applied for didn’t even bother to reply to my expression of intrest me at all.

This morning things took a change for the better. Ryan had told me that he saw someone looking for a junior graphic designer on twitter. He passed me her contact details and hopefully my folio will be sitting in her inbox by Sunday morning. Like how damn lucky I am? That he just-so-happened to be online when she posted the job listing? I really do feel like there’s someone watching over me and helping me find my way to Wellington.

Anyway, I’ve gotta run. I have a Lucy’s birthday celebration to go to. I have to get a bit more done on my folio, make dinner AND get ready before 7pm. When I go out with Lucy and her friends I always have to make the extra effort to look presentable. She always takes a million and one photos at events. Needless to say, I dont want to look like a zombie infront of everyone on Facebook…

I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend. Happy Friday!


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